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Occlear® Technology

Natural Own Voice Through Occlusion Cancellation

Existing headphones isolate the user from the environment, making their voice sound boomy and unnatural to them. This phenomenon is due to the occlusion effect, which attenuates air-conducted sound while amplifying body-conducted sound.

A headphone user who is unhappy with the unnatural sound of their own voice.
A headphone user who enjoys a natural own-voice sound thanks to the Occlear® technology.

Our Occlear® technology eliminates the occlusion effect, allowing hearables users to perceive their voice and environment with natural clarity. Occlear® requires no specialized hardware and can be integrated seamlessly into ANC-ready hearables via a simple firmware update.

Press play and experience a live demo of Occlear®. This real-time recording was captured inside a user’s ear using our portable demonstrator built on the Analog Devices ADAU1787 audio codec.

The environment audio features “Swing Theory” by Freedom Trail Studio, used under CC-BY.

Use case:

Own voice



World-Class Hiss-Free Transparency For Your Hearable

Hearables users often complain about microphone noise or hiss when using transparency mode. It stems from the low-cost, miniature microphones used in today’s hearables. To mitigate this noise, manufacturers often limit the bandwidth of their transparency mode, compromising the clarity of the sound.

Our patented Idle Noise Reduction (INR) technology reduces the noise floor of hearable microphones by 10–15 dB, matching the performance of high-end studio microphones. The INR removes the hiss, allowing hearables manufacturers to achieve world-class transparency with low-cost components. Press play and experience our groundbreaking INR technology for yourself!



Existing spatial audio technologies often fail to smoothly track head movements, causing disruptive lag that diminishes immersion. Moreover, they introduce double virtualization by creating a virtual room and artificially rotating the listener, potentially deviating from the producer’s original intent.

Our algorithms deliver imperceptible motion-to-sound latency, ensuring the audio precisely matches your movements without altering the sound’s direction. Enjoy unaltered, high-fidelity sound just as the artist intended, free from double virtualization.

Our solution, compatible with any two-channel, stereo, or pre-spatialized audio, runs directly on your hearable device, eliminating the need for complex adjustments or dependencies on Bluetooth and apps.



Achieving high-performance ANC is challenging. It requires precise adaptation to diverse noise environments and headphones fits, while eliminating issues like feedback howling and clipping.

Our ANC tuning service enables your products to exceed industry benchmarks with unparalleled noise cancelling, comfort, and robustness. Demonstrated on leading platforms like ADI, Qualcomm, and Cadence, our solution guarantees out-of-the-box performance across a wide frequency range, catering to a diverse set of headphone types and acoustic designs.

Partner with us for cutting-edge ANC technology and expert acoustics consultancy, elevating your brand and setting new standards in the hearables market.


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